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ARTTwear Photo Shoot - Atlanta

Bringing multiple people together in one location for a project can sometimes seem almost impossible, but ARTTwear made the task look effortless.  

Recently Art Mayshack of ARTTwear traveled to Atlanta, GA to capture a few new ARTTwear casual wear and designer pieces.  Multiple models from Georgia, Alabama, and Florida, a makeup artist, and Emperial Photography came together to create art and fulfill a vision to capture the quality and beauty off the new designs.  

The casual wear has taken an upgrade with new track suits and hashtag T-shirts to represent and make a statement without saying a word.  As Art puts it “Hashtags make a statement stand out online, so why not use it on a T-shirt and make a statement everywhere”.  With hashtags like #curvyandconfident #confident #whouwearin your sure to make a statement wherever you go.  

When designing its all about the details so its no surprise the designer dresses feature appliqués, lace, sparkle, and sheer cutouts.  Enjoy these looks on the models from Atlanta, GA.


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