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Houston, Fashion, & ARTTwear

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Houston, Fashion, and ARTTwear

The recent I Want It All Fashion Show in Houston, TX by Jen. V. Moral, was a success and ARTTwear slayed the curves once again! The models graced the runway with beauty and showcased the designs with confidence. ARTTwear specifically caters to curves with custom designed pieces that are intended to fit curves, not a hanger. The pieces provide ample support in the necessary places while giving comfort and roominess where the curves fall.

The cut of the pieces ensures the curves are taken into consideration to avoid bunching, stretching, and unnecessary tightness in certain areas. The ARTTwear pieces are loose in the areas one needs room, and fit like a glove on the areas that warrant emphasis. Most of the pieces shown on the runway are available for purchase on the website. If you see a piece you want to purchase and it is not listed, send a message. 

Stay tuned for ARTTwear’s next upcoming adventure! We will discuss it all on the blog!

photos by: Hassan's Studios

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