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Leopard is my Neutral ~ ARTTwear

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The leopard trend is bold, beautiful, and classic.  You can’t go wrong with a beautiful solid or accent leopard piece in your closet. Leopard is so versatile because it can be paired with a number of different colors, patterns, and prints.

Vintage ARTTwear design on Austrian native plus model Claudia Floraunce

ARTTwear has been a fan of the leopard print since the beginning of inception and incorporated this pattern into numerous dresses throughout the years.  As seen above is an ARTTwear original (check out one of the original logos on there!)  Brown body con dress on model Claudia Floraunce with accenting, coordinating leopard print side inset. 

From traditional brown and black leopard print to bright colorful prints.  Above model is wearing a custom ARTTwear piece with a trendy leopard accent inset on black. 

ARTTwear dresses will either be a solid print of leopard or have hints of leopard to accent such as a leopard sleeve on a solid black dress.  Model above is wearing a full length leopard printed dress in a princess style casual dress and in a black dress with leopard accent sleeves. 

Model Tasharra (shown above) is wearing a custom full length tiger print tube top style dress.  Leopard is ARTTwear’s neutral and these classic pieces can be dressed up or dressed down with accessories or a pop of color.  

Models above in original ARTTwear pieces at a past runway event in Hollywood, Ca.  Models Michelle Richardson (R) when Samantha Davis (L). 

Same purple ARTTwear dress, 3 body types.  Models: (L to R) Cayla Jean, Chay Crews, and Susan Curry.   This piece is available to purchase now! Fits a size 20 to 26!! Versatile!

Above model Kayelyn Hawkins is modeling a unique tiger and leopard print mix one piece swimsuit. 

Although these specific pieces are not all still available, you can request  a similiar design specific to your body type and size (dependent on material availability).


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