Shop our New Accessories Section! 📿

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Shop our New Accessories Section! 📿

You may already have taken a peek at the new arrivals over in our Accessories section and if you havn’t you are in for a surprise!! We are now offering complementary items to our custom ARTTwear pieces so you can truly create your own works of art.  We are inspired by vintage trends, antiqued finishes, unique items, crystals, and jewelry that not only looks good, but has meaning to us beyond just a piece of alloy or gold plated metal.  We bring you pieces that are timeless, durable, quality, and trendy to match your ARTTwear style. 

Whether your looking for a trendy pair of fringe earrings for a night out, or a long necklace to complete your boho look, we have the trendy, edgy, and cute pieces located in a one stop shopping area.  We have also added a few body chains to our selections.  We try to keep the wholesale jewelry to a minimum cost to bring you affordable options to pair with your custom ARTTwear pieces or every day wear. 

Enjoy our new selections!

Fringe Earrings

Crystals, Precious Metals, and Stones

Body Chains

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